SEO Results

SEO Results


SEO enables you to dominate the search results and ensure prospective patients find you first…

The best way to bring in new patients from the internet is to be right in front of them when they’re searching for what you offer.

But did you know there’s a huge difference in the amount of traffic each of the top 10 positions get?

The #1 spot attracts roughly twice as much traffic as the #2 result, and 13 times more than #10.

  • Get the lion’s share of traffic coming to YOUR business
  • Appear in multiple places on page 1 (our speciality) for each of your services
  • Get rankings that STICK with our legit SEO (no short-term tricks)

We’ve been doing dental SEO since 2010. In fact, here’s a screenshot from the very first SEO campaign we ever ran (for the keyword dentist Derby – 1,100 searches/month.)

In this campaign, we were able to reach the #2 spot within 4 days (things were a lot easier back then!) and then moved up to #1 in both Google and Yahoo and stayed there for several years until we folded the site:

The image below shows our results from 2015 for the keyword Invisalign Stoke on Trent.

As you can see, we dominated page 1 with 3 out of the top 10 rankings plus the entire right side of the page dedicated to our client (this is all still possible today).

We were also able to obtain multiple rankings and top spots for other treatments for this client including cosmetic dentist, dental implants, teeth whitening, etc, etc.

Here’s a screenshot from 10th July 2020 showing multiple page 1 rankings for the lucrative keyword, cosmetic dentists Alsager:

And similar results from the same date for teeth whitening Alsager:

Does SEO Really Have an Impact?

Yes! Take a look at the screenshots below showing traffic over a 3-year period.

Using the numbers from Year 0 as a baseline (we started our SEO at the end of that year) by the end of Year 1 we’d increased the number of visits (“sessions”) by 4,954 (+66%) and the number of visitors (“users”) by 3,329 (+62.8%).

A year later, sessions were +139% and users +127% – that’s well over double the amount of traffic coming into our client’s business just from their website…

Traffic and Visitor Increases Over 2 Years

(click to enlarge)

Traffic Increase Year 1: +66%
Visitor Increase Year 1: +63%

Traffic Increase Year 2: +139%
Visitor Increase Year 2: +127%

“Their SEO work has seen us consistently rank in the Google top 3 for our main treatments, and consultations have increased by 65% per month…”

Rachel Worth – Practice Manager, Diana Dental.

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